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Spiritual Readings can be done both in person, over the phone or via Skype. Each reading brings you information that may bring clarity to your journey of self

A Clairsentient Channel/Psychic Medium, Belle is also a Reiki and Atlantis Crystal Bed practitioner. Services include: Spiritual Readings that can help guide you on your soul path, Safe Space appointments and Energetic Alignment, Balance & Healing.

Belle works with your Guides, Angels and Galactic Beings to provide the necessary information and healing that is required at the time of your appointment.

Energy Work

Energy Work

All Energy Healing sessions are available in person only and includes your choice of Reiki, Atlantis Crystal Bed and Balancing & Alignment of the 9 chakras



Safe Space. Too often we are not able to express our truths, visions, our energetic understandings without judgement. Safe Space appointments allow you to express all these things within an environment that is free of judgement and confidential.

Sacred Space – needing a Sacred Space where you can just use the healing energy of the crystal bed without anyone interrupting? Need that guard at the door so others don’t come and bring their own energy into your space? Coming in the new year!


meet belle

With over a decade of experience in the Spiritual world, Belle has started and managed her own business, authored her own Rune Cards and is constantly looking at improving her connection with her highest self and source.

Her greatest passion is to help others feel the connection with their highest self and source and to watch the joy emanate from her clients as they become truly aware of that connection.

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