Cassandra Belle - The Energy Coach 

Cassandra Belle - The Energy Coach 




Welcome and thank you for visiting my online home. My name is Cassandra Belle and I am an Author, Speaker and Energy Practitioner with more than 20 years of experience. 

Over the years I have struggled to find my space in the new age industry, I hold the old learnings in my DNA, star truth in my soul, I channel energy, messages and love from Angels, Guides and our loved ones who have passed, and I am still in touch with the elemental that I was, and still am. 

This amalgamation of awareness meant that I didn't fit in with the in crowd, and what a wonderful thing it has turned out to be :) 

Energy is a very personal matter, and too often we forget to check in with ourselves, our beliefs, our values, our energy, our knowings, ...we allow ourselves to become dormant within the struggle of every day life....before....finally....coming up for air in a blaze of anger, emotional hurt, depression, anxiety and more. 

A very big part of those feelings stem from the disconnection to our true divine self. 

My mission is simple yet sacred

RECONNECT you with your TRUTH

SUPPORT your energetic shift into AWARENESS

ACKNOWLEDGE  you in your totality


Its time.... to do the work and reconnect with yourself and your truth. understand and harness your awareness

Not for your husband or your mother or your kids - but for you. 

Its time.