Energy Coaching

What is Energy?


When we talk about Energy - we are talking about the life force that inhabits us - Our inner being, our soul, our energy. It's what makes us ….well us.

Our energy affects everything that we do. From how we interact with others, ourselves and the world at large to how we learn, give, receive and everything in between.

We all have that one person in our life who we love...but don't like spending time with due to the feeling of being drained or tired after our time with them.

And we all have that one person who annoys us on sight...for no apparent reason.

And of course we have those other people in our life who just light up our day for no other reason then being them.

This is because our energy is either in sync or it's not with these people.

When we start working with our energy it can be AMAZING, and we want to dive head first into the learnings, however we can become so aware that we can get overwhelmed with all the connections, synchronicities and understandings that awareness brings.

That's why I do what I do - I help people with Energy and their personal connection with energy so that they can begin to find their own understandings without the overwhelm.

My sessions can be tailor made into a personalised package or as one off consultations, depending on what is needed. 

Individual Packages


Individual Packages are tailor made to suit your needs, whether it be a 4 week Energetic Peer Support programme or ongoing Reiki Healing while working with mainstream health providers.

Individual packages are perfect when you need more than one session to:

  • identify and work with patterns that keep re-occurring within your life, 
  • identify tools to help anxiety
  • re-alignment with guidance

All packages include:

  • Intuitive/Channelled consultation in each session
  • Value alignment 
  • Peer support for the life of the package
  • Ongoing support via My Community Belle facebook group.

Single session consultations


Single session consultations are also available and are perfect for when your needing that adhoc session to touch base with yourself and with source.

Being a channel means that I can provide you with messages from Source to help you with your Energy protocols as well as being able to see the pattern/issue at hand that you may be dealing with at the time.

These sessions can be completed via zoom or at a slightly higher fee - in person. 

Single Session Consultations can be used for: 

  • Energy Therapy - needing someone to listen, understand, explain or help with an Energetic experience. 
  • Value Alignment Session - getting back to core basics.
  • Energetic Alignment - In person only.
  • Channelled Reading for Energetic/Soul Growth.

Cassandra Belle ~ The Energy Coach

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