STOP LOOKING for the right modality for you!!

You will never find it - unless you align yourself with it or your teacher....

Big statement?  It's 100% true. 

In the energetic world we are often taught modalities - and there's nothing wrong with that...but it's not right either. 

Modalities are taught based on the teacher's experiences and the way that they were taught. There are many ways on how NOT to work within the modality and only ONE way to work within the modality. There is a conformity within the knowledge taught. 

It's not wrong - but it's not right either. 

Stop trying to connect with another's modality and start connecting to your own Divine Wisdom. 

Not sure how - hit the button and find out more. 

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Modalities are great to learn the basics of energy work...but they are not the be all and end all. Often once learned they become boundaries that box you in and hinders your growth. 

Our Energetic Development Classes help you find your unique and amazing way of connecting with your Divine Inner Wisdom....isn't it about time that you start listening to yourself rather than others?