One on One

Energetic Mentoring & Coaching


There are times in our life when we need a little extra support that we cannot get from our family or friends....especially when it comes to holistic well being.

Just like a sports coach, business mentor or crossfit trainer, I work WITH you to bring about personal transformation. 

I am passionate about raising awareness, educating and coaching people on how to connect and work with their energy to bring about personal growth, self awareness and healthier connections with others.

If you are intuitive and looking for personalised sessions, the this service is for you. 

SEE Therapy


SEE Therapy is an intuitive based therapy that helps you to see and work with patterns that keep re-occurring within your life. 

How often do we ask ourselves "why do I keep doing this?!" 

Would it not be better to ask instead "how can I stop repeating this? 

And wouldn't it be even better to say "I am so pleased I have STOPPED doing this" 

SEE Therapy is intense one on one sessions that helps you find YOUR answers to your life questions.

If your ready to do the inner work to bring about transformation and personal empowerment, SEE Therapy is for you.

Psychic Readings


Looking for a reading with a difference?

As a Psychic Medium, Channel - I share messages from passed loved ones, guides and energy beings for the development and healing of your energetic self in this present moment.

These readings are Soul Level readings and can include messages, energetic exercises to attune yourself more deeply and more.

Readings can be completed via zoom or in person and bookings can be made for 30 minutes or an hour.