Bursting the Anxiety Bubble

The Anxiety Bubble - What is it & Can I really burst out of it?

Anxiety is different for everyone...but most people with anxiety will tell you that it robs them of joy, of happiness, of excitement, of connection, of robs them of quality of life. 

There are so many reasons for anxiety...and varying degrees of impact. Some people require medication and some people don't. Some people find that they have triggers that they can work with, and others...don't.

People who suffer from anxiety may exhibit similar symptoms to other sufferers, but each experience is unique and personal and should never be judged by another. 

Anxiety often leaves us in a space of overthinking and overwhelm, we begin disconnecting ourselves from others so that we don't impact them...but what we really do is we isolate ourselves. We place ourselves in a bubble where no one can get in..and we can't get out. 

Bursting the Anxiety Bubble is all about helping you with every day tips, tricks, information and teachings to help you avoid the Anxiety Bubble...or when necessary...bursting the damn bubble. 

Anxiety can be a tool that helps us in life...if we take the time to educate ourselves on how we can use it rather than let it  use us. 

The Bursting the Anxiety Bubble workshop takes place every month....get your ticket and begin taking your life  back. 

Signs of Anxiety

 * hyperventilation

* sweating

* over-thinking

* over-analysing

* crying

* stomach issues

* needing to go to the toilet

* nervousness

* inability to socialise

* racing heart

* noise in your ears

* feeling of panic

* wanting to run away

* nausea 

....and so much more